Dillmann & Bark

Mystical rhythms and magical sounds - a metaphysical journey.

The two artists are constantly inspired by the present and create powerful sound experiences. Bark's and Dillmann's desire is not only to present themselves to a broader audience but to share the moment with them. In doing so, the sounds of their instruments merge into an audible and palpable unity. Their musical improvisations ultimately defy linguistic descriptions and can only be experienced in their wholeness live.

Daniel Bark & Shan Devan

The two musicians meet in a fusion of Western and Indian musical traditions. Together they create unique sound spaces based on drone tones, characteristic of Indian raga music. They see music as a bridge between people, cultures, languages and religions.

World Music / Improvised Music

Fairy tales with piano music

The storytelling-music performance of Diana Drechsler and Daniel Bark takes you into the magical world of fairy tales. It is a world full of dreams, wishes, longings and hope, but also full of fears, obstacles and transformation. Strange things happen to people in search of great happiness.