Artist description

Composer and improviser Daniel Bark performs his version of boundless expanses on the piano. His style moves fluidly between contemporary impressionism, free avantgarde and minimal music. With finely tuned sounds and rhythms, he develops simple themes into tension-filled improvisations. The primary tool of the sound artist is intuition. With this, he manages to touch the listener sensitively. He expands the tonal spectrum of the piano with preparations and self-developed electronic equipment.

Life path

Daniel Bark, born in Wuppertal in 1975, played music at home as a child. At the age of seven he received classical piano training and began to improvise on the piano and to make his first compositions. A few years later his art took him to Berlin, where he won prizes at the German Young Music Scene and Meetings of Young Songwriters. His interest in jazz and improvised music moved him to study electronic composition at the University of Dortmund and the Folkwang University in Essen. The most important learning experiences for him were always the self-taught occupation with the instrument, the interaction with other musicians and simply the devotion to music.

Technical education

Daniel Bark studied computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund. He graduated with a thesis on the visualization of music at the Department of Graphical Systems.


2022 Album CD „FLOW – eight flowing piano pieces“

Valve Records

2019 Album CD „THE SOUL OF WATER – seven pieces for solo piano“

Valve Records

2019 Album CD „Ritual Bass“

Recording for Marvin's elektronic album

2009 Album CD „Bin ich Arbeit?“ from the play of the same name

Trommelfell Records, distributed by Verdi

2008 Album CD „Piratenjazz“ with the band Die Jazzpiraten

Pieces from the popular living room concerts

2007  Piece „Night and Day“ with the bluesharp player Uwe Roller

Published on the sampler Some Fine Harmonica Playin

2003 Album CD „Everything Must Be Destroyed“ from the band Uncle Ho

Sony Columbia, Germany 2003

2003 Single CD „All Must Be Destroyed“ from the band Uncle Ho

Sony Columbia, Germany 2003

2002 Album CD “Introducing Drive” with the singer Michael Naeyaert

Frogteeth Music, Californien 2002

2002 Album CD „Wide Awake“ from the band Heyday

Virgin, Deutschland 2002

2002 Single CD „Could Be Day Could Be Night“ from the band Heyday

Winner of the MTV newcomer promotion 2002, Virgin Deutschland 2002

2002 Album CD „Frieden ist Heilig“

An intercultural project with the young Koran singer Hasan Akca and the ney player Murat Cakmaz

2001 Single CD „All I Know“ from the band Uncle Ho

Sony Columbia, Germany 2001

2001 Album CD „Soma“ from the band April Daze

netMusicZone Records, Hindelang 2001

2000 CD „Blue in Green“ for the concert series of the same name in Ada/ Wuppertal

Distributed by Ada und Mare e.V., Wuppertal 2000

2000 Audio cassette „Märchen für Kinder“

The German-Turkish actor Vedat Erincin tells fairy tales from all over the world, distributed by the Wupper Theater, Wuppertal 2000

2000 Single CD „Come On Come Clean“ from the band Uncle Ho

Sony Columbia, Germany 2000

2000 Album CD and vinyl „Show Them What You Are Made Of“ from the band Band Uncle Ho

Sony Columbia, Germany 2000