Pendulum Music

Pendulum waves offer a fascinating interplay of physics and aesthetics that inspires the senses. With my app, you can arrange multiple pendulums in harmonious relationships, creating beautiful rhythms and sounds that blend into a unique music. In addition to numerous presets, you also have the option to create your own pendulum music.

The Pendulum Music App is available for free on all devices and operating systems.

For all operating systems (incl. iOS, MacOS, Linux)

Shruti Drone

Shruti Drone is currently a prototype that makes it possible to create sustained sounds using additive synthesis. These sounds are reminiscent of traditional shruti boxes but with a modern twist. With a wide range of bass sounds to harmonium-like tones, organ sounds, and synthesizers, Shruti Drone offers a diverse sonic palette. Furthermore, the process is characterized by numerous modulation options that allow users to shape the sounds according to their preferences and create unique soundscapes.